Meet The Team

Gary & Palmer on location in Kenya enjoying a cold one at wrap.

Gary Romano: ExeCUTIVE Producer

Raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Gary received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Hating his career choice then; Knowing absolutely nothing of the field, Gary moved out to Los Angeles to have a go at the television commercial production industry. Literally starting from the bottom, he ended up finding a niche as a producer around 1992. Since then, he has been producing for a variety of clients, advertising agencies and production companies.

In addition to producing, Gary has also run both production and post-production companies, making him proficient in every facet on how to deliver a job from inception to delivery.


David Palmer: founder & Director

A New York native, Palmer (as he is known), is a Newhouse graduate from Syracuse University.  He landed in LA at age 21 and started immersing himself in production.  Now, nearly 25 years later, his extensive  storytelling has shaped the landscape of the visual arts to span across music videos, commercials, documentary feature films and theatrical motion pictures.

Most recently, Palmer has been traveling the world for Microsoft, helming the aspirational brand campaigns that has included three super bowl spots.   An avid photographer, surfer and golfer, at his heart Palmer is a humanist, creating stunning work that  is both emotionally connected and celebrates the human spirit.  Palmer lives with his wife and 13 year old son in Santa Monica.